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Course Catalogue

Dicampus Course Catalogue
We have developed a wide course catalogue that offers effective solutions in the training areas which are most in demand: Human Resources, Innovation, Design, Protection, etc.

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Tailor-Made Contents

Tailor-Made Contents
We have wide experience in the development of online training courses that suit the needs of the customer, with a quality guarantee in all the stages of the process.

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Training Plataform

We have developed a distance learning platform WIKOS LMS that uses all the tools of the 2.0 WEB: wikis, blogs, social nets, etc. for the training process.

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New courses on the 2009 Local Training Plan by Gijón City Council.

Courses Gijon City Council homeFour new courses framed within the 2nd programme are going to begin soon: Courses on the Information Society, mainly addressed to theactive workers of the city.

Metro de Madrid entrusts Dicampus with the development of their custom-designed protection courses.

Metro Madrid homeMETRO DE MADRID has put Dicampus in charge of the drawing up of two training courses for Workplace Safety in the e-learning category.

The Tripartite Foundation relies on Dicampus to adapt its courses to Scorm.

Fundación Tripartita homeThe Tripartite Foundation has put Dicampus in charge of the adaptation of 42 training products and the creation of its respective Scorm packages.