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New courses on the 2009 Local Training Plan by Gijón City Council.

Four new courses framed within the 2nd programme are going to begin soon: Courses on the Information Society, mainly addressed to the active workers of the city, and whose main aim is to promote the professional retraining and the personal adaptation to the job market needs.
These lessons are going to be developed on site, through e-Learning or partial on-site lessons. The on-line training will be given through our distance learning platform: Wikos LMS, which provides tools not only for the study of the contents, but also 2.0 Web based on collaborative learning tools.

The actions that have been provided are the following:

  • Usability and Information architecture.
30 partial in-class hours, 20 e-Learning hours.
  • Project management with MS PROJECT
80 hours of distance learning
  • Technician on Office Automation Software
60 hours of distance learning
  • UML and Enterprise Architect
30 partial in-class hours, 20 e-Learning hours.

Send your up-to-date CV together with the registration sheet filled in (click here to download the registration sheet) to the e-mail: formacionpresencial@dicampus.com, pointing out the name of the course you are interested in.
More information via:
Phone: 902 99 56 91
E-mail: formacionpresencial@dicampus.com