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The Tripartite Foundation relies on Dicampus to adapt its courses to Scorm.

Dicampus, together with Grupo Intermark, has adapted the materials of the Tripartite Foundation to the standard Scorm 1.2 and has implemented these courses in several free software platforms.
Our company has been chosen by the Tripartite Foundation for the adaptation of its materials to the training standards for e-learning.
The contest, won in UTE (Temporary Union of Enterprises) with Grupo Intermark, consisted of the adaptation of the training materials to Scorm 1.2 and their implementation on several free software platforms.
The Tripartite Foundation for the training in the employment field, which belongs to the National Public Service, is one of the organs that make up the organizing structure and the institutional participation of the vocational training subsystem.
It has a tripartite nature and its board of management is made up by the Civil Service and the most representative business and trade-union organizations.
The Project, developed by Dicampus, has been a complete success and the uniformity of the materials and training resources of the Foundation will influence the quality of its training courses.