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Development of tailor-made contents

Dicampus has wide experience in the development of tailor-made contents for the needs of our clients, guaranteeing the quality of the design, development, adaptation and starting processes of any type of e-learning project.

METRO DE MADRID has entrusted Dicampus with the pedagogic adaptation to the e-learning methodology of two training courses from the protection field.
Metro Madrid
Our careful process of design, development, adaptation and starting of any type of e-Learning project is the guarantee for the success of your projects.
Dicampus proposals are based on a rigorous conceptual structure, on a multi-disciplinary team and on an approach towards the concepts of "learning by doing" and "enjoying by teaching".
Dicampus view of e-learning corresponds to the following principles:
  • Methodology based on psicopedagogy.
  • Thoroughness, accuracy, clarity, pleasantness and effectiveness.
  • Quality and excellence in the contents.
  • Active learning and team work.
The proposal for the drawing up of the online courses is to offer an all-round service which allows the development of training courses with a specific pedagogic methodology and with multimedia resources that guarantee a quality training process according to the specific needs of each client. The aim is to teach in a personalized way through the Internet.