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On-site Training

In Dicampus we are experts in education, that’s why we focus our work in the development of training courses, both internal and external. In collaboration with our clients, we pursue a common goal: educate and qualify people for the carrying out of the jobs that are most in demand. 

Dicampus is specialized in the creation of training plans for organizations and institutions that wantto adapt to the continuous changes around them.

We are experts in teaching training courses in the following areas:
  • Pedagogic strategies
  • Programming
  • Design
  • Human Resources
  • Administrative skills
  • Quality
  • Protection
  • Environment
  • Executive coaching
Each year, we set in motion different vocational training courses to provide, both unemployed and active workers, the qualifications required by the productive system, as well as to improve their possibilities of job placement and labour skills.
  • Teaching of courses within these plans: FIP, FORMIC, Local Training Plan, Avanza, etc.
  • All-round management of courses: development, selection, training and justification.
  • Contracting agreement courses that contribute to the specialized training for the post in question.
We produce the course program, paying special attention to the goals established in the planning of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, according to the training needs.