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WIKOS lms: The 2.0 platform.

WIKOS® LMS is an on-line training system conceived as a bet for learning based on real cases, on the creation of cooperative knowledge and on the use of social networks as a key element in the on-line training process, taking advantage from the new tools in the 2.0 web. 

DICAMPUS won the Tripartite Foundation Contest for the readjustment of 42 on-line training courses into the pedagogic e-learning methods created by different national companies in the on-line training field. They create the Scorm packages to be integrated in four Free Software platforms: Moodle, Dokeos, Claroline and A-tutor.
Fundacion Tripartita
Wikos LMS is designed as a training portal supported by the concept of continuous training. The concept of temporariness disappears.
When talking about social networks applied to the training area, we refer to the potential of processes and methods in contrast to tangible contents and results. The virtues of sharing knowledge through networks, creating learning communities, cooperating and working together in the creation of knowledge is a pedagogic aim that comes before any technology.
Wikos has a specific approach that weighs up the work of the student, the value of the social matters as a source of knowledge, the thought and the group criticism to make progress in the creation of knowledge. All these things are easily achieved through 2.0 technologies.