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E-Learning Services

Our working methodology, targeted at our clients, is strengthened thanks to an active communication between both parts, which allows us to know their concrete needs at all times, leading efforts to optimize the service and guarantee the aims defined in a flexible and efficient way.

We have a catalogue with more than 150 on-line courses.

WIKOS LMS is a NEW platform designed for 2.0 e-learning.


We develop the training materials that your company needs.
We are suppliers of consultancy and development of technological solutions in the e-learning field. Our purpose is to provide our clients with global and efficient solutions to improve their competitiveness based on innovation and knowledge management.
The pedagogical methodology that we use in our courses is based on the three basic premises all e-learning projects must comply with:
  • Dynamic
  • Intuitive
  • Interactive
The training courses we design make the student party to the training process through our pedagogical strategy based on the first notions of "Learning by doing" and "Enjoying by teaching".
We look for a case-based learning and for the construction of cooperative knowledge in which the student is the main character in the training model: he can criticize, think, discuss, contribute, share...